Scented Soy Melts

Scented Soy Melts

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Pacific Shacks own Collection the 'Aniwaniwa Collection'

Simply remove the wax melts from the shell and place them in your melt burner/warmer to give your room a lovely lingering fragrance. 

*Depending on depth of burner, you can use multiple cubes for a stronger fragrance throw, ensuring your vessel doesn't overflow when melted.

Candy Floss

A fruity sweet blend of cotton candy, pear and peach with mid notes of summer berries

Ripe Feijoa

Just a delicious scent of strawberries mango pineapple and guava bringing us a familiar fragrance we all love... feijoa


Bring elegance into your home with the classic floral scent similar to the luxurious Chanel fragrance

Vanilla Slice

Buttery Creamy, Yum!