XL Bone Carvings

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These beautiful bone carvings are made handmade from beef bone inland with Paua Shell 

Size approx 150mm to 160mm

#14 is 10cm

The Pikorua ( Twist ) with Koru heart. Stands for the bond between two people. whether this might be by friendship, love, or family. The twist symbol also resembles the path of life and eternity. 

Double and triple twists can represent the relationship between different peoples or cultures

Manaia considered a spiritual guardian protecting the wearer from evil. Traditionally with the head of a bird, body of a man and tail of a fish, creating a balance of sky earth and water

Toki or Adze represents wisdom, strength, courage and power. Traditionally used as a tool carved into a chunky blade and either lashed to a wooden handle or held in the hand.

Toki size 130mm

Attached by a braided wax adjustable cord

Please note these pieces do have a natural curvature due to the nature of the bone. They are not flat. 

Carved in New Zealand